Release Recommendations: dodie's "Boys Like You"

On the 27th of September, dodie released “Boys Like You”, a song about (in her words): fuckboys.

It’s a gentle song with a playful theme. However, there’s a haunting aura of bad news present at all times. Together it paints a picture of knowingly being in love with the wrong kind of person, but still enjoying it and not being able to get away.

Oh, there’s a name for boys like you

And yet I feel lucky to hear all your lines

I hate that they shake me up every time

In the music video dodie is seen dancing with a man. It’s definitely worth it to watch the video a few times to understand what dodie is trying to say.

An example is the way the boy dances with her. It isn’t a loving, appreciative way of dancing. Apart from the moments he is being sweet and intimate, he is throwing her around and pushing her away. Dodie comes back every single time.

You can’t help it

This is just how we were taught to love

When she sees another couple dancing differently, she wants to observe them, which her dance partner doesn’t like. He wins her attention back by being sweet and loving, but as soon as she responds, the dancing goes back to throwing and pushing around.

During the bridge dodie sings about the warnings from the people around her, the only part in the music video where her character itself sings. She seems to have doubts about the relationship, reflected in her rejection of the boy’s affections.

They tell me, “Don’t go there

We know you love a nightmare”

Her doubts come to an abrupt stop and she is in the arms of the boy again. The dancing has become even more intense, with the boy now literally covering her ears and not letting go of her hands. At one point dodie even tries to crawl out of his grip. When he pushes her away a few moments later, dodie stands still, but then happily turns around to go back to him as she has done all the times before. This is when the boy shows her his real colours.

Oh no, I gotta remember
That I’m just a toy
‘Til you got my hopes up
And now I’m annoyed
You thought you could charm me
And, damn it, you’re right

Watch this amazing music video yourself to see how this love story ends.

Meet: The Silverbeets

I am writing this surrounded by christmas lights, sipping from a hot cup of tea. Outside it’s grey and cold, which makes it very inviting to stay inside. To top this off, I have been listening to The Silverbeets, an indie rock band that makes the cold pre-christmas days perfect.

“The Silverbeets are a band that have universally recognised themes of love, hate, fear, addiction, as well as environmental and political based content.”

Their songs are sometimes soft, sometimes loud, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. They never fail to take me with them in the story they tell.


The first song I want to present is their most listened to song on Spotify: We All Need Hope.


One of my favourite songs of theirs is And I / You Thought, which appeared on their second album Stay Tuned which came out in 2018. This song starts as a sad, slow song which almost invites you to sit back and wallow in self-pity, but quickly challenges that behaviour by asking you: “How can I live my life if I’m scared of it?” Slowly the song becomes more up-beat and happy and it’s clear the song is about getting up after you’ve fallen down, to start enjoying life again. It is very well done and I was surprised to find myself in two completely different moods and mindsets within 6 minutes.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think! You can find their Spotify profile here if you want to listen to more of their music.